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Ghaddar Commerce and Construction was founded in 1948 by Hassan Ibrahim Ghaddar under the name of Hassan I. Ghaddar and associates. Its core activity was hollow blocks and tiles production as well as selling sand, gravel and steel bars. The company grew to be one of the main suppliers of raw material in the south area. Later his sons joined the company and Mr. Mohamed Ghaddar took over the administration. New lines of business were introduced and GCC became a tool provider and sole distributor in Lebanon for varies brands. 

In 2009 the company switched its name to Ghaddar for Commerce & Construction aka GCC Since 1948 GCC has distinguished itself in the field of construction, not only as a supplier of an assimilated range of building products but as a provider of comprehensive services to the building industry in terms of the site back up, specification and recommendation. It has supplied with expertise, construction material, and has expanded to become a leader in different fields: Building material, Tools & Hardware for all experts and workers, Paints & accessories, Plastering and Measuring tools, Cement products, agriculture tools and tanks, Security Fire Rated Doors, Fire Escape Doors, Roofing and Waterproofing as well as a large line of specialized tools.

 With the years the company grew to be an important entity in the market by becoming the sole representative and distributor of di_erent international companies, including but not restricted to: ONDULINE (Lightweight roofing, under roofing solution and waterproofing and foundation materials), ATERMIT (Etermit corrugated and flat sheets asbestos-free), YAKAR KARDESLER (Steel cutting, bending construction tools and machines), YAPARLAR (construction and agriculture tools), DEKOR (Paint accessories), HASSAN DEKOR (Construction, safety and plastering tools), WIRE MESH (wire mesh products), NAILS (Nails for all-purpose), KOSEDAG (Fencing solutions), FALCI (Italian Hand Tools), SECURITY DOORS (Safety and entrance doors) and FIRE DOOR (Escape fire rated doors). Along the years, GCC built a reputation for quality, service, and integrity among the engineers, the architects and the contractors in the construction industry. The family-owned business kept growing and today it serves all the Lebanese territory.

Our Goal Is Your Well-Being and Safety By 1997, GCC enlarged its services horizon to satisfy the safety needs and the well-being of the individuals by launching the security apartment doors and fire rated doors services. GCC has been supplying doors from different manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. Aesthetic and security features are particularly and subtly incorporated into the design of the apartment doors, thus reflecting luxury and elegance. “In our opinion, a door is not just a separation. Rather it is an important element that brings beauty, elegance, and functionality to your building.” Our vision and innovation make us a successful company in this sector.

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